The Poo Fighters | Pet Waste Cleanup In Northern Virginia

By Poo Fighters on July 13th, 2016

Pooper Scoopers – Dog poop removal service Reston Northern Virginia

The Poo Fighters is a fledgling pet waste removal/management service that allows caring owners the convenience of not having to worry about the hassles of pet cleanup…

It’s really quite simple… and GREEN at the same time.  We arrive at your house once a week, remove any and all pet waste on the property, and then bill you accordingly. 

What does ‘accordingly’ mean, you ask? 

Our pricing is the most straight-forward offered in the industry. No more calculations based on number of pets multiplied by visits per week divided by(time spent on the property + size of property), etc…

The Poo Fighters price for literally ‘taking all the crap’ out of owning a pet is $100/month, regardless of how many pets you own or the size of your property! 

After we’ve assessed your particular situation, we’ll schedule a day of the week which suits you best, then we’ll simply show up when scheduled and clean up after your pets. 

It really is that simple…

We’ll arrive once a week, clean up the mess you can’t and shouldn’t be bothered with, then bill you the low monthly rate of $100. 

Any questions?

Simply put, we’re cleaning up Reston, Herndon, and Fairfax VA one turd at a time!

If you’re even mildly interested in our services, we can be reached at:


No job is too big; no question is too small; we’ll handle it all…

Servicing 20191 and the surrounding areas and we use only the best dog poop bags available.

We also recommend highly some affordable dog proof trash cans.

We also offer replacement grass for potty patch services for ALL our customers as well as monthly discounts for customer referrals. If you refer a customer who signs up for at least three months of Poo Fighters waste removal services, you’ll receive ONE MONTH FREE!